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photo of long grey wood boardwalk through brown dune grasses

Making Time for Creativity

Balancing work, family and my calling

I have always felt a calling to be creative. Whether it is making jewelry, gardening, baking or drawing. It is a pull on my heart. When the stresses of life take over and I am not making time for my creativity to flow, it is like turning my back on a loved one. It feels like a broken heart. I feel out of alignment with myself and alone in the universe. I know now that I need to be connected to my creative side like any loving relationship. When I allow time to express my creativity, I feel confident, inspired and at peace. I feel like I am in love!

So, how do I make time for this connection when I have a full time job and a family, household responsibilities, after school activities, eating well, exercising, keeping a connection with my husband, maintaining friendships, sleep... it feels never ending.

I plan it. Just like I plan for work or an appointment, I plan for my personal time. And I don't just try to make these plans in my mind. I write it down in a journal/planner. I schedule studio time, time for meditation, exercise, meal planning and family/friend time all around work and responsibilities. I even plan when to sleep. If I don't accomplish all that I planned to, I am not hard on myself. I don't fear not getting it all done. I celebrate what I was happy to have achieved and I focus on the next day. I see how can make some adjustments so that I accomplish more or maybe try to do a bit less and focus on what is most important.

Now that I am approaching 40 I have a deep desire to love the next half of my life! To make time to enjoy all that I have been blessed with and not let everyday fears bring me down. Our perspectives are everything. I look at every day is an opportunity for love, for happiness, for growth and success and I will not close the door on my calling anymore. 

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